Alcohol Use Disorder

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Imagine Laserworks for Alcohol Us Disorder

Imagine Laserworks specializes in the use of protocols derived from the centuries old discipline of traditional acupuncture, enhanced by the use of current bio-electric treatment technology, either E-stim or low-level laser.

With Substance Use Disorders, there is a significant body of work over the past 70+ years using traditional acupuncture as a treatment; Imagine Laserworks simply takes the next step and the results have been quite amazing. Our protocol process, along with the introduction of natural supplements to assist with the detoxification of the body, provide the best available opportunity for you to win the fight. The protocols help alleviate the impact of withdrawal, by minimizing and sometimes even eliminating cravings and helping to provide relief from other symptoms such as headaches, nausea, the sweats, cramping and body aches. Our programs are designed to help you achieve true transformational change.

Addiction is centered in the mind and is the only disease that essentially tries to convince the afflicted that they do not have it, clinically this is referred to as the State of Denial.

The Challenge:
  • To relieve the physical cravings and withdrawal symptoms
  • To detoxify and repair your body as it heals
  • To learn new ways to cope with everyday stress and anxiety
  • To change the environment and people who encourage your addiction or habit to continue

If you have never experienced a real addiction, then it may be hard to understand. You may be tempted to criticize, lecture or moralize. We all know that approach doesn’t work.

The Imagine Laserworks Process:
  • Deal with your physical dependency and withdrawal symptoms by activating key energy points on the ears, fingers, wrists and feet
  • Support and repair your body with nutritional supplements and lifestyle modifications
  • Provide you with healthy coping mechanisms and psychological strategies for success

Committing to Action:
  • First, you need to be truly committed to stopping your addiction
  • Second, you need to stop the use of the abusive substance or substances

That leaves a void that must be filled before you can learn new ways to deal with life.

Imagine Laserworks fills that void!
It is very effective in addressing the physical dependence and the withdrawal and creating an environment where you can take back control of your life!!


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