Wellness Tuneups

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Imagine A Personal Wellness Tuneup In Less Than 30 Minutes

The Imagine Laserworks Personal Tune-Up provides a massive boost in energy levels, helps you remain stable and balanced and helps your ability to express ideas in a simple and straightforward manner.

We recommend you come for a personal tune-up once every 3 months as the seasons change, just as you might have a massage to keep your muscles loose or a chiropractic treatment to maintain spinal health.

As light and temperature change, your body becomes preoccupied with adapting to that change, and you are more likely to experience the symptoms of imbalance: a cold, an increase in allergies, trouble sleeping or waking, change in energy levels, irregular periods, etc.

Your overall health is enhanced with preventative medicine.
Regular personal tune-ups give your body the gift of improved blood circulation, deep relaxation and adjustments to body temperature, blood pressure, immune system performance and other autonomic/involuntary processes.

If any health issues have come up since your last visit, we can also begin addressing them, if you have any health-related questions, we can help you find answers.

Imagine Laserworks Wellness Tuneups provide the following benefits:
  • Increased energy
  • Reduced Stress Levels
  • Emotional Stability
  • Clearer Thinking
  • Mood Lift
  • Improved Sense of Well Being
  • Strengthened Immune System

Most of us don’t think about our bodies as hardworking machines that need regular maintenance, but they are, and they do. Unlike our cars, we can’t trade our bodies in when they just won’t run for us anymore. We have decades yet to live in our bodies and a long way to travel inside them – doesn’t it make sense to take good care of them?

Your vehicle needs checkups regularly to ensure proper functioning. Your body is the same. Some people even opt for a B12 shot for that extra boost to the immune system. Most of us will go for teeth cleaning every six months but never think about tuning up the body regularly to keep healthy.

Here are a few signs that you’re in need of a tune-up: You’ve noticed an increase in headaches lately, and these headaches seem to feel worse when you aren’t active. Generally, these headaches tend to manifest at the vertex of your head. You might begin to feel constipated or bloated. Your bowel movements might become irregular, alternating between constipation and loose stools. Hard, difficult stools that appear pebbly are also a sign of liver imbalance. Your friends or coworkers are scared of you because you are cranky. When liver energy is out of balance you might feel agitated, irritated and generally out of sorts. Sometimes irritation can expand into outright anger more easily than it would if this energy was flowing smoothly. Ladies, you may notice your PMS symptoms have been worse lately. Bloating, breast tenderness, sensitivity…you can blame all of the above on your liver. If your periods are more painful or clotted, this is also due to a stagnation of liver energy. Your eyes are red, itchy or irritated. Your shoulders, neck or jaw are uncomfortably tight. If the liver’s energy is out of balance, it can flow upward. This causes everything in your body to rise up: you might grind or clench your teeth, your shoulders will levitate up around your ears, and you might experience symptoms of TMJ. Your allergies are in full force, complete with itchy, red, watery eyes.

If you are suffering from any of these issues, your body is crying out for a visit to Imagine Laserworks!
Usually, people come in for Imagine Laserworks services when they want to tackle a health problem.

Now we are seeing more and more clients come in to help them stay well, Imagine Laserworks at its best when used as a tool to prevent illness and maintain wellness.


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