Brain Enhancement

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Imagine Laserworks for Brain Enhancement

As a major alternative medical treatment, Imagine Laserworks has been receiving increased attention and recognition all over the world. In recent years, a number of clinical studies have shown that acupuncture can effectively improve memory and cognitive ability in dementia. The effects of acupuncture on dementia have been assessed primarily using randomized controlled trials, showing that the mechanisms of acupuncture may be related to the inhibition of cell apoptosis, anti-free radicals, reduction of inflammatory factors, reduction of Ca2+ overload, and changes in neurotransmitters. Memory is defined as a person’s ability to encode, organize, and store information and the ability to recall that information on demand.

Bio-Electric Stimulation and Low Level Laser Therapy have been suggested as being effective for many mental disorders, such as sleep disorders, depression and dementia. Dementia can be treated with anti-dementia drugs, rehabilitation training and complementary therapy according to different clinical stages. Bio-Electric Stimulation and Low Level Laser Therapy as a complementary therapy for dementia has been confirmed in many systematic reviews.

Cognitive Functions Dependent on Functioning Memory:

How it Works:
The procedure is simple. We stimulate auricular (ear) and body points with the latest European technology. Our centres use Low Power Lasers and/or Bio-Electrical Stimulation on specific ear and body points. The application is external and activated by the frequency of the electrical stimulation.

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